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1 a lightweight horse kept for riding only [syn: saddle horse, riding horse]
2 the act of climbing something; "it was a difficult climb to the top" [syn: climb]
3 a land mass that projects well above its surroundings; higher than a hill [syn: mountain]
4 mounting consisting of a piece of metal (as in a ring or other jewelry) that holds a gem in place; "the diamond was in a plain gold mount" [syn: setting]
5 something forming a back that is added for strengthening [syn: backing]


1 attach to a support; "They mounted the aerator on a floating"
2 go up or advance; "Sales were climbing after prices were lowered" [syn: wax, climb, rise] [ant: wane]
3 fix onto a backing, setting, or support; "mount slides for macroscopic analysis"
4 put up or launch; "mount a campaign against pronography"
5 get on the back of; "mount a horse" [syn: hop on, mount up, get on, jump on, climb on, bestride] [ant: hop out]
6 go upward with gradual or continuous progress; "Did you ever climb up the hill behind your house?" [syn: climb, climb up, go up]
7 prepare and supply with the necessary equipment for execution or performance; "mount a theater production"; "mount an attack"; "mount a play" [syn: put on]
8 copulate with; "The bull was riding the cow" [syn: ride]

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Etymology 1


  1. A mountain, as in Mount Everest
  2. A horse used to ride on, unlike a draught horse
    The rider climbed onto his mount.
  3. The number of riders in a cavalry unit or division
    The General said he has 2,000 mounts.
rider in cavalry

Etymology 2

Middle English from Old French, compare French monter


  1. To go up; climb; ascend: to mount stairs.
    The rider mounted his horse.
  2. To attach an object to a support, as to mount a mailbox on a post
  3. To attach a drive or device to the directory structure in order to make it available to the operating system.
  4. To get on top of an animal to mate.
  5. to have sexual intercourse with someone, something.
  6. To begin a military assault
    The General gave the order to mount the attack.
climb up/on; to ride
attach an object
begin a military assault




Extensive Definition

Mount may refer to:

Displays and equipment

  • Lens mount, an interface used to fix a lens to a camera
  • Telescope mount, a device used to support a telescope
  • A fixed point for attaching equipment, such as a hardpoint on an airframe
  • The display of an item on a heavy backing such as foamcore
  • Preparing dead animals for display in taxidermy

Computing and software


Other meanings

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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Everest, Houyhnhnm, Olympus, accrue, accumulate, advance, aggravate, alp, amble, anabasis, appreciate, arise, arrange, arrangement, ascend, ascension, ascent, aspire, augment, back, back up, backdrop, background, backing, ball, balloon, be a gas, be a hit, be intimate, bearing, bestraddle, bestride, bidet, bill, bloat, board, bomb, boom, breed, broaden, brood mare, budge, build, build up, bushing, buss the clouds, canter, caracole, carriage horse, cart horse, cavalry horse, chandelle, change, change place, charger, chassis, circle, clamber, clamber up, climb, climb on, climb over, climb up, climbing, cohabit, colt, come together, come up, commit adultery, compose, coordinate, copulate, couple, courser, cover, crescendo, critter, curl upwards, curvet, deepen, descend, develop, diddle, dobbin, draft horse, dramatize, dray horse, driving horse, ebb, elevation, enhance, enlarge, entire, entire horse, equine, escalade, escalate, expand, fail, feature, fill horse, filler, filly, flop, flow, fly up, foal, fornicate, fountain, frame, frig, frisk, gain, gain altitude, gain strength, gallop, gelding, get ahead, get in, get on, get over, gigster, give a boost, give a lift, go, go aboard, go around, go on board, go on horseback, go round, go sideways, go up, grow, grow up, gush, gyrate, gyring up, hack, hackney, have sex, have sexual relations, headline, heighten, help up, hoick, hop in, horse, hump, hunter, increase, infrastructure, install, intensify, jet, jument, jump, jump in, launch, lay, lead, leader, leap, levitate, levitation, lie with, lift, lofty mountains, loom, lope, magnify, make a hit, make it with, make love, make out, mare, mat, mate, melodramatize, mountain, mounting, move, move over, multiply, nag, open, open a show, organize, pace, pack horse, palfrey, peak, piaffe, pile in, pile up, plow horse, plunge, pole horse, polo pony, post-horse, prance, prancer, premiere, prepare, present, preview, produce, progress, proliferate, put in place, put on, ramp, ready, rear, rear up, redouble, regress, remount, retrogress, ride bareback, ride hard, rider, riding horse, rise, rise up, rising, road horse, roadster, rocketing up, rotate, rouncy, rouse, run, run up, saddle horse, saddler, saltation, scale, scale the heights, scenarize, scene, scrabble up, scramble up, screw, seat, serve, service, set, set in motion, set off, set the stage, set up, setting, settle, shaft horse, shift, shin, shin up, shinny, shoot up, shooting up, show, sink, skeleton, sleep with, snowball, soar, soaring, spin, spiral, spire, spout, spread, spring, spurt, stage, stalking-horse, stallion, stand on tiptoe, stand up, star, steed, stir, straddle, stream, strengthen, struggle up, stud, studhorse, subside, succeed, sumpter, sumpter horse, support, surge, surmount, swarm up, sweep up, swell, take horse, takeoff, taking off, tarpan, the wooded mountains, theatricalize, thill horse, thiller, tittup, top horse, tor, tower, towering alps, travel, trot, try out, underframe, up, upclimb, upcoming, updraft, upgang, upgo, upgoing, upgrade, upgrow, upgrowth, upheave, uphill, upleap, uplift, upping, uprear, uprisal, uprise, uprising, uprush, upshoot, upslope, upspin, upstream, upsurge, upsurgence, upswarm, upsweep, upswing, upwind, vault, vise, wane, war-horse, wax, wheeler, wheelhorse, whirl, widen, wild horse, workhorse, zoom, zooming
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